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At Sun Paving, we focus on offering only the very best service, and advice, ensuring that each customer receives gets the paving they are envisaging. We take your ideas and we will work with you to build it. Our team of designers and pavers are professionally trained and equipped with a lot of on the job experience – we can tackle projects in Pinetown of any size, whether commercial or residential.

Our qualified workers undergo regular, ongoing training to ensure you receive the very best, and safest in terms of paving. They’re also well equipped with the very latest techniques and ensuring safe and effective service delivery to and your property.

Whether you’re after residential or commercial , Sun Paving should be you go to contractor.

Brick paving in Pinetown by Sun Paving

Why should you work with Sun Paving?

  • We are reliable – when we set a time, we will be there, on time – every time.
  • Whether you have questions or are ready to move forward, give us a call today or request a quote!
  • We specialise in designing and installing brick and concrete driveways, patios and parking areas.
  • We are responsive – when you work with us, you will be kept informed at all times. You won’t be left wondering what’s going on
  • No hidden fees – before commencing any work, we will provide you with a quote, so you’ll know exactly what you need to pay.
  • We are experts in our field – we are highly experienced and knowledgeable, and can service a range of different property types, including residential, commercial and industrial
  • We have established a great reputation with many happy customers in Pinetown

We construct a driveway or parking area that can withstand all weather elements; so that after a few years of use, the paving will not require more work and maintenance. With Sun Paving, we use only the best, latest and most durable materials, limiting any potential damage and maintenance problems in the future. 

We offer driveway paving services in the Pinetown area, and include parking, patio, walkways and pool paving.

During the consultation process, our experienced team will provide valuable insight and feedback, with your best interest at at heart in terms of design, laying and completion. We have a wide range of pavers to choose from, including a very new and innovative design, not seen on the South African market before.

Our goal is to be creative, yet functional and practical, long lasting and easily maintained, whether residential or commercial, paving to be proud of each and everyday. At Sun Paving, we are absolutely confident that once the job is done, you will appreciate and admire your parking space, driveway or patio.

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